3 Simple Steps To Clearing The Clutter To Get To Your Better…

3 Simple Steps To Clearing The Clutter To Get To Your Better…

So, you’re ready to make some changes, but you just don’t know where to start. I completely understand, as a matter of fact I downright overstand. Yeah, I’m using made up words. I do that on occasion. Here you are at this 40+ and better stage, trying to figure out what direction your life is going in, because let’s face it, your kids are growing up. They have their own lives and now it’s time for you to get a life. Mmm hmm, I just told you to get a life girlfriend.

We all have to do it at this stage in the game. You are most definitely not alone. “Where do I start?” you ask. Well that’s simple enough. As my undergrad English professor, Dr. Richard D. Andersen would say, “Start at the beginning.” That sounds easy enough, right? Most often it’s not quite as easy as it sounds. In this case, it’s somewhere in the middle.

You see, in order to begin the process of reshaping and restructuring your life you really have to be somewhat organized. Now let me just speak for myself. God knows organization is not my greatest strength. I mean I can organize things. The challenge comes in keeping them organized; just being honest. Take my desk for example. I can organize it, make it nice and neat, and 2 days later I’m wondering when I last organized it. You know what I mean? Needless to say, I had to come up with a system of sorts. It’s simply a matter of being mindful of what’s happening as it’s happening, not 2 days later. This way prior to things getting a bit out of control I can address them so that I’m not always starting from scratch.

Now the organization that I’m talking about is not just in the physical sense, but it certainly starts there. A cluttered space leads to a cluttered thought process. So, clear your space, clear your thoughts. How hard is it to be creative, or establish a plan for change when you’re focusing on the mess that’s going on around you? I’ll raise my hand on that one! Very hard.

So let me give you a few tips on clearing the clutter so that you can think clearly and move forward accordingly.

  1. Choose an area in your home where you’d like to create a comfortable space to get your creative juices flowing, but can’t at this time because the clutter is an obstacle. This can be a large walk in closet, spare room, or simply a designated corner in your bedroom or living room.


  1. Begin the process of cleaning the space. Get rid of anything that is no longer necessary. Yes, that includes those super cute shoes you bought 2 years ago and have never worn. Yes, I do understand that they were on sale. I know. I know, you’re looking for the perfect outfit to wear with them. Listen closely, get a ginormous green trash bag and put them in it. Give them and all those books you’ve never read, along with that dress you haven’t worn in 6 years to someone who can actually use them.


  1. Create an environment that is peaceful, and aesthetically pleasing, in your new space. Perhaps you doing a lil painting, or just hang a piece of art that resonates with you. You can even create your own art by printing scriptures, or inspirational quotes and framing them. Now if you’re anything like me you’re about the smells. If so, you can add fresh flowers, your candles or a diffuser for a bit aromatherapy.


Voila! You have your own little space of peace; your empty nest if you will. This is the place that you’ll use for prayer, meditation, and ultimately the place where you’ll begin the exciting and fun work (I know that’s a bit of an oxymoron- fun work) of creating your fabulous new life after 40.  So go on and clear the physical clutter, so that we can start to clear that mental and emotional clutter. Be sure to share your thoughts in the comments. I’d absolutely love to hear about space and your outcomes. Before and after pics are the best! I can’t wait to see them! Talk to you soon! We’ll be discussing that mental and emotional clutter.




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  1. I love this and found it helpful and inspiring. Motivating. Even though I’m not over 40 lol Some days I wish the kids being grown up part was true for me too!

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